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Sign up with Blogger Magazine, add relevant information, write about your blog giving as much information as possible, add your photos and/or videos, choose your niche, you could add links of your own website and social media accounts to enhance your profile.

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Upon confirmation, your listing will appear on the website and will be available for search to brands/visitors. Brands can now search you using criteria such as niche blogger or state or city. A badge will be added to your listing to mark it as official.

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Brands will discover you on Blogger Magazine and contact you with their collaboration. It is your job from here to give them your services and earn positive reviews from them. More positive reviews mean more visibility and more business.

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Blogger Magazine is a platform for you to connect with your prospective brands easily. It is a place where you don’t reach out to the prospective brands but they themselves approach you. All you need to do is showcase your qualification, skills, area of expertise, work experience and success stories using Blogger Magazine smart set of tools.

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