Meet The Blogger – Varun Tyagi

Meet The Blogger - Varun Tyagi

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In our latest interview series which I like to call “Meet the Blogger”, where I spotlight inspiring creatives on this Blogger Magazine. We caught up with Varun Tyagi who runs Shutter Holictv blog and social media channels. Covering travel, health, fitness and seo. Based in pink city Jaipur, Varun Tyagi is passionate about sharing his adventures in the world with their growing audience.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?

My name is Varun, a father to an adorable daughter, a hobbyist cyclist and a blogger from the pink city Jaipur. I am an avid traveler too. I am in love with mountains and love going to up north India once a year taking a break from my day job. I started this blog a year back and since then have written over 100 articles on my cycling journeys, health & fitness, travel, and SEO. I plan to make my blog an authority site for SEO in India.

2. Describe what inspired you to start your blog? *

I always had a flair for writing and travelling. However, my day job prevented me in dedicating time for what I love the most. Once of my friend who was into building websites advised me to create WordPress blog site and write articles on it. I was new to blogging world with no knowledge of websites or SEO. My first two blogs and were massive failures. I always wanted my blogs to earn revenue and be a self-sustaining blogging platforms. I failed to do it. Then I started learning about WordPress, SEO, how to make money online, how to create authoritative websites that Google loves. Finally after much thought and planning I bought the domain, which was the name of my YouTube channel as well.

Invested time, energy and dedication paid off and now my site is Google AdSense approved and so is my YouTube channel. I run a lot of affiliate programs on my website. So the blog site has actually become a self-sustaining and regular income source for me.

Always believed that persistence is the key to success. Success of failure are just by products which are determined by how much efforts you put in to what you want and crave.

3. How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running?

Posting regular content is important not just for your audience but also to maintain your content rankings as Google loves the sites which are updated regularly. I work on a strict schedule of publishing at least 3 posts of more in a week. I don’t mind taking an off from my regular job if I hit a road block in publishing. I keep no exceptions to this. Furthermore, this is easy money, you write and get paid. So there is always a monetary motivation when it comes to running blogs.

4. How active are you on a weekly basis? How often do you communicate with your followers?

I am hyper active when it comes to my blogging stuff. I have everything on my phone to communicate with my followers and my social media fans. I keep no latency when it comes to communicating with my avid readers.

5. What do you think is the best social media strategy for getting more visitors to a blog?

I believe from the time I started my blog there are four things that have worked for me which I consider as a winning strategy when it comes to social media.

  1. Posting regular content and write highly user engaging content. Always remember content is the king.
  2. Niche specific share which means that sharing content to relevant platforms. A travel group would not be keen on knowing about SEO to be honest and it makes no sense.
  3. Communicate with you audience. I love critics as they help me in improving my content. I do not get angry on trolls and critics they are an integral part of my content revision strategy.
  4. Try to be yourself when drafting content and do not share content which does not relate to you. People love stories which motivates them and not some artificially crafted non-sense.

6. Would you encourage other people to make their blog?

Absolutely, time is changing. Blogging is something that has potential unlike any other job. You need to work hard like any other job. Especially for people who are not into a regular 9 to 5 job it does wonders for them. My plan to continue my day job for another year post which I would only work as a digital nomad taking care of my blog and work as an SEO consultant.

7. A lot of people think that blogging is an easy way to make money online. Do you have some tips for those people who are interested in making money from the blog?

Nothing is easy in this world. Believe me if it was easy everybody would do it. It takes time, unless you hit a jack pot or you have tons of money to invest in paid advertising. I AM TOTALLY AGAINST PAID ADVERTIZING. I like making content which gets promoted automatically rather than me spending money on ads. So blogging is tough to start with but gets easy with time when you start understanding things and how this entire blogging circle works. However below is what I would advise my fellow upcoming bloggers.

  • Be patient, blogging takes time and you are not going to start earning in few months of your blog start.
  • Blogging is a brand new career option. I will not be surprised if your closed one disapproves it. Again make them understand and work hard. Eventually when you start getting returns everyone will understand.
  • Do not use any short cuts or black hat methods for earning online. You can earn a little but in the longer run you will be blocked and your efforts will go in vain.
  •  Make a calendar (A daily, weekly, and a monthly plan) and stick to it. No matter if you are in a hospital keep your laptop with you and stick to your schedule. By the way, I did this, was admitted in hospital for about 2 months, had my laptop every time with me and was working whenever I felt like.
  • Connect, connect and connect, even with people you do not like. Collect even the minutest feedback for your blog stuff and give it a thought and if the feedback of suggestion is worth it, implement it. Connectivity with people is a huge boosting factor for your traffic.
  • Finally, do not run behind money. Run behind more traffic and making your blog popular. Money is a byproduct and will come eventually. Bloggers who started blogging only for the purpose of making money have failed. Try to make a different to people’s life and make content which is useful for them. Focus of creating something useful rather than making money.

8. What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

Everything, I had to learn everything that I know today over a span of 3 years. My earlier failure did have me thinking that this might not be for me. This was the biggest challenge for me. Frequent failures can often lead to blockage of mind thinking about the stuff that you really like.

I did not wanted a boring corporate life for me.

So I started once again and this time will all the facts learning and analyzing each and every step that I took was well calculated. I learn everything that I need to setup my own blog and this time started with a bang an it’s going pretty good so far.

9. What is your greatest achievement outside of blogging?

Well I would say that at one point of my life with frequent blog failures and pretty average office, life actually became boring and monotonous. I weigh about 118 KG and was soon knocking at a door which would mean a long life filled with a lot of medicines.

So I reassessed everything that I wanted to do in my life. Took a break from office (Actually quit) Bought a MTB (Geared cycle) and started doing long distances. Below is what I accomplished when I started riding my cycle and soon became a long distance endurance athlete.

  • I frequently do long distance cycling, which constitutes over 100 km. My favorite route is Jaipur to Pushkar which is 140 km on side.
  • I participated in AUDAX India endurance rides and did 200 KM Brevet last year in less than 8 hours and 300 KM Brevet ride in less than 17 hours. This year I intend to do 200, 300, 400 and 600 races which will start from October 2020.
  • I have done Manali to Leh cycling expedition which is over 500 km of mountain terrain on a geared cycle.
  • Have done a lot of trail riding in the mountains around Manali and Kullu valley.

This year I have already set my mind of running marathons and more endurance rides.

10. Who is your blogging hero And Why? *

There are two to be precise whom I follow on every social media platforms. First is Neil Patel who run and is a master when it comes to SEO and anything related to Google and other search engines.

Second is Nomadic Matt who runs and has done some extensive traveling in his life and now is a full time travel bloggers.

These two are my inspiration when it comes to running my own blog.

11. What advice would you give to a new blogger starting out?

Patience & hard work is the key my friend. Focus on your goal, lay out a strategy and just do it. Keep on making improvement on the way.

12. Have you collaborate with brands? If yes, name few brands you worked with

Not as if now, I had few blog mentions but that’s about it. I did work for few tech firms as a consultant in Jaipur and Delhi giving them their business SEO insights, however no collaborations as of now.

13. Finally, what are your thoughts about BloggerMagazine?

It is indeed a great platforms for bloggers and influencers to come on board and meet. A bloggers data base like this will also help other bloggers to get in touch with bloggers in their niche and collaborate for mutual benefits.

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