6 Most Common Furnace Problems and Repairs

Furnace Problems and Repairs

Your furnace is your best friend during the cold winter days. A broken furnace can be a real nightmare, let alone if it is catches you off guard.

Check out some of the most common furnace problems and their solutions.

Furnace Cycles Too Often

In the winter, you may find your furnace cycling more often than normal—and you know it’s something to worry about. This happens if your system is too large for your home. An oversized furnace can quickly warm your house, but it will leave some cold spots. Make sure your heating system is correctly sized for your residential space.

Water Leaks from Your System

Were you surprised to see water pooling around your furnace? What’s causing your system to leak water could be:

  • Clogged internal drain
  • Condensation leaks
  • Leaky pipes near your unit
  • Faulty heat exchanger

If your heating system is leaking water, the best solution is to call for furnace repair in Washington, DC. Don’t attempt to repair it yourself as it could result in bigger issues.

Furnace Isn’t Producing Enough Heat

The job of your heater is to produce warm air to keep you comfortable. However, if the air that comes out of your vents is slightly cold, then you know that something’s not right. There are a few things that restrict your furnace from doing its job, which include a faulty thermostat, tripped circuit breaker, and clogged filters. You may need to check with your furnace repair company in Washington, DC for the appropriate solution.

Noisy Duct System

Did you notice a squeaking, rumbling, or squeaking sound from your furnace? If yes, it can indicate an issue in the ductwork. The air ducts don’t make noises on their own, unless there’s something else that causes it to produce odd sounds.

Over time, dirt and dust may accumulate in the ducts, which make it hard for your furnace to move the air to its destination. In case your ductwork is too noisy, you’ll need to clean or replace the ducts with the help of a furnace repair contractor in Washington, DC. But in some cases, the noise could be a sign that the equipment has to be replaced permanently.

You Smell Gas

A presence of a strong gas odor indicates a gas leak. This is a problem that should be handled by the experts only as it can be hazardous. A gas leak doesn’t just affect your heating equipment’s efficiency, but it could also be a threat to your health. If you think that there’s a leak happening, it’s best to contact your gas utility provider.

Wear and Tear

Though furnaces are designed to last for years, they are still susceptible to wear and tear. Once your heating equipment reaches or passes its lifeline, don’t expect it would run like brand new.

Remember that an aging furnace will be more prone to issues and costly repairs. If you compute the cost, you’ll realize that it’s more convenient and easy to get a new system.

Once you notice something odd or unusual with your heating system, it’s important to address the problem right away. While some issues are manageable, others will require the help of a professional. You don’t want to deal with expensive repairs later, do you?

When your heating system is acting up, you should seek assistance only from a trusted furnace repair in Washington, DC.

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