Avoid These Common HVAC Mistakes

Avoid These Common HVAC Mistakes

Oftentimes, we’ve seen many homeowners in Oklahoma making mistakes with their HVAC systems over and over. Are you one of them?

Let’s check out some of the most common HVAC mistakes you need to avoid.

Replacing A Furnace With the Same Size of Unit

The latest blowers with variable-speed motors and sophisticated controllers move a lot more air than the older ones. If you replace your furnace with a new model of the same capacity, it can result in wasted energy and occupant’s grievances about its noisy operation.

Take time to recalculate your home’s needs and match the model to your home as closely as possible. Downsizing your furnace can produce energy-efficient and quieter operation.

Using Extremely Restrictive Air Filters

Some contractors would tell you to purchase extremely restrictive air filters. But please don’t! These products take particles out of the air down to as small as 0.3 microns, which means it’s small enough to trap viruses.

Air filters’ job is to protect your blower from dirt and debris that can harm your system. However, if you want your comfort equipment to use double-duty as a whole-house air filtration system, make sure that the technician knows it before completing the estimate.

Overly restrictive filters are expensive, and they impede airflow, reduce efficiency, and shorten its life. You may not notice it, but it will cost you plenty in the long run. Your technician can enlarge the ductwork to compensate for the restrictive filter, keeping the airflow at a reasonable rate.

Installing the Wrong Size of A/C

An air conditioner that’s too small or too large will be inefficient in cooling your indoor space. If it’s too small, it will never meet the demands of the thermostat. It will run longer and work harder, causing high energy usage while shortening its lifespan. If it’s too large, your system will cycle on and off in short bursts, making it unable to control the humidity or cycling of your indoor air. Lastly, it will stress out your system and age prematurely.

Placing Outdoor Coils Too Close to Obstructions

The outdoor coil should be installed somewhere with an ambient air temperature. Don’t try to crowd the system with landscaping and vegetation. Otherwise, it will cause the air around the coils to recirculate. It will also cost you as much as 15 percent of its capacity to cool your home and increase energy consumption up to 20 percent.

Using Cleaners When Cleaning the Coils

Do you want to maintain your HVAC’s ideal performance? All you need to do is keep it clean at all times. However, we do not recommend cleaners that contain acidic or alkaline substances. It’s another example of a common HVAC mistake.

Instead of these cleaners, we highly recommend that you clean the coils sufficiently with a stream of low-pressure water. Please turn off the unit’s power first, then place your thumb over the mouth of a garden house. Then gently wash down the coils and cooling fins.

If you reside near cottonwood trees, aim the spray through the fins from the inside out to wash away the collected fibers. To achieve this, you might need to lift the top first. Also, make sure to turn off the unit’s power before attempting to open the top part.

Using Refrigerant Additives

Oils and additives in the compressor vary from one model to another to maximize performance. However, throwing in different additives can be tremendously risky from a reliability perspective. Others that were tested haven’t changed. Experts say that the system doesn’t want any of it.

Running Blower Continuously in Humid Climates

If you’re in hot and dry climates, we don’t recommend running your HVAC blower continuously to distribute cooled air throughout your indoor space evenly. If you always use the blower, it will raise your home’s relative humidity level by six to 10 percent, making you feel even less comfortable.

When it comes to your heating and cooling system, you’ll save yourself from unexpected problems and costly HVAC repair by talking to a licensed HVAC professional in Moore, OK.

A great company like Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning has skilled technicians ready to take on any HVAC issues you may experience. Call them today to schedule an appointment!

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