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Plantable Paper

Plantable paper is a environmental eco-paper that is made with post-consumer materials and embedded with seeds. Plantable paper is very attractive and best of your office and house. plantable paper is typically embedded with wildflower seeds but other seed types such as herbs and veggies are also available. Plantable paper, as its unique name, is handmade paper with seeds made using cotton fibers and discarded during the industrial process. This process itself suggests that this plantable paper is eco-friendly and this quality has urged the inclusion of Century Papers in its manufacturing and supply. Considering its benefits and its contribution to the environment, we decided to enter the plantation paper business.

People worldwide express interest in eating right, getting access to nutritious food, and learning how to build food security. With that in mind, it makes sense that agricultural production is a big, lucrative sector worldwide. In the US, all 50 countries are involved in livestock and crop production. Canada’s agricultural sector employs nearly 2.3 million people and is the 5th largest producer of red meat and poultry globally. As for every profitable company, advertising items are essential to developing customer relationships, remaining competitive, and sticking out. However, finding the right advertising materials can be a challenge in a competitive market for related goods, including trucker caps, sunflower pens, and key chains. And we’re in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, which means people need to be raised more than ever before. Picking farm items that make people find meaning in their day-to-day lives will have a big impact and resonate with your customers.

Benefits of Plantable Paper

If you are a plantable paper manufacturer looking for exclusive themed gifts to share with your consumers in the agriculture industry, then promotions for the plantable paper should be on your mind. There are plenty of ways to pitch seed paper because it is highly universal, comes with a wide variety of packaging types, and is entirely customizable. Also, there are numerous Benefits of Seed paper over any other paper because it is extremely environmentally, and it is:

  • Produced of recycled paper waste, it has been converted into pulp.
  • Embedded with pollinator-supporting seeds of wildflowers, fruits, or herbs.
  • Pressed and printed to zero-waste replacements for virgin paper items. Compostable, but there is no residue left behind when cultivated, only seeds.

Why adopt plantable paper manufacturer items for the agricultural industry?

There are several reasons to adopt plantable paper manufacture products from the local plantable paper manufacturer:

  • Planting resonates with agricultural themes – Plantable Paper planting is ideal for agricultural themes, and each sheet of seed paper is checked for germination rates. Paper can grow indoors at any time of year or outdoors in summer.
  • They leave an impression – the composition of the plantable paper is distinct from that of standard paper, which allows it to stick out as it is received. Plus, seed paper stands out from other common promotional items, such as key chains and pens.
  • Each package can be completely personalized – Select and print your logo, artwork, and branding for any of the plantable paper products in our company and marketing catalog.
  • Foster good word-of-mouth for your business: People who have never heard about or seen plantable paper before would be delighted to plant your seed paper products. They can also share their plant-growing phase with friends and family, a bonus promotion for your brand.
  • Create a fun experience for your recipients and give them the resources to start planting – the paper is infused with 6 different wildflower seeds that bloom when given sufficient water, sunshine, and soil.

Hence we have a broad view of the advantages of plantable papers, Adopt seed papers, and donate your share to a greener tomorrow!

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