DesignCap – a Comprehensive Graphic Maker Helps You Complete Pro Graphics in 5 Minutes

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Want to produce infographics, charts, presentations, company promotional event leaflets? Want a beautiful Facebook cover, YouTube channel art, Instagram post for your social media page? But have no or limited budget to hire a designer? Continue reading this article. You can make it your own in 5 minutes like a pro designer.

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What can we do with DesignCap?

DesignCap provides users with tons of templates for almost all occasions and topics. You can check all its template categories and search one to meet your needs on its Template page.

DesignCap templates

1. Graphics for education

If you are a teacher or student, you can make your education presentations for your math lesson, art history, school project, book report, etc. Besides, it also allows you to create an education poster, education flyer, education infographic, education brochure, school presentation, and many other graphics for education.

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2. Designs for marketing content

If you own a website or run a blog, it’s essential to insert some beautiful infographics or charts to make it visually readable and easy to understand. Sometimes, visitors don’t have much time and patience to read a long article with only text. If you put a simple infographic or a chart into the content, it would be pretty friendly for the readers to get your information quickly and easily.

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3. Photos for social media

If you run a YouTube channel or a Facebook page, you may know it’s vital to have a stunning YouTube channel art or Facebook cover except for the interesting content because a good cover photo can increase your click-through rate. These graphics in DesignCap are quite textured and high-quality. Putting it on your homepage will make your audience feel that you have a pro designer for this. DesignCap offers designs for other social media like Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Email, etc.

4. Event images

If you need to send a greeting card or invitation card, you can go directly to this part to find a template from the entire professional preset ones and modify it. If you run a restaurant, find the menu category, and apply a template and write your menu to print it out. Seeing the menu, customers will feel that they have come to a high-end restaurant. All dishes are worth it even if the price is high, of course, your dishes should be quite delicious; You can use DesignCap to make images for other events like wedding poster, promotional flyer, Father’s card, and more.

Highlighted features

Highlighted features

Tons of templates

You have access to thousands of templates, including presentations, infographics, reports, YouTube channel arts, Facebook covers, cards, etc. You can choose a template to start your design, or you can start it from scratch, getting inspired by the numerous professional templates.

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Millions of resources

Besides the millions of stock photos and millions of icons available online, there is a vast of resources for other elements like preset fonts, modules, charts, etc.

No design skills needed

With the straightforward interface and the handy tools, anyone can master DesignCap wholly and quickly. Within a few minutes, you can create your design like a pro to amaze your visitors.

Flexible editing tools

When getting into the editing mode, it’s free to drag and arrange elements, change colors, and add texts easily. Almost everything can be done with a single mouse click, if not, double clicks.

Complete the design with three steps

Complete the design with three steps

  • Choose a template from the preset ones available in the app.
  • Go through the different tools to customize the design which you want.
  • Choose download format and size to save it as an image file or share anywhere online. Or, if you prefer, print it out directly or keep it under your DesignCap account.

Final opinion

If you need pro graphics like what I mentioned above and more, but you are worried about the result or have no skills of design, go budget. It will help you get what you want and save you a lot of time.

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