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If you are thinking of switching on your own brand, website, or an online store, and then you might need a logo to make your performance looked more professional. The logo is that it is a little unique and can represent the brand or company or personal image. However, paying a bundle of cash to freelance designers or design studios could be a heavy budget for the startup. In addition, before you read this post, you might only know professional graphic programs but have no ideas about easy-to-use online logo makers, so it would be hard to do the logo for yourself. Then among a massive stock of online logo generators, DesignEvo could be an alternative to help you make your logo in minutes easily.

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What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a web-running tool that allows you to design a logo that looks beautiful in three steps. The operation is super simple and the point is that it is free to use. There are millions of icon icons on the website. You can enter keywords to search for the icon style you need. There are also more than 100 fonts to choose from. You only need to select the appropriate icon and add the company name, brand name or unique slogan. After completing a basic logo layout, you can further adjust the color, add the shape, and then get a logo that is unique to you.

Although it uses ready-made icons and fonts, it adds personal creativity and aesthetic arrangements and different color combinations. In fact, the logo produced is an original design that can be used for business cards, websites printed on menus, or clothes are pretty good.

However, although it is a free service, you would be required to share the DesignEvo on supporting social media, supporting Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to download your logo for free. But it would be a reasonable deal, just share on your social media and get the logo. But if you want a higher resolution logo, you might need to purchase its premium packages.

Well, after having an overview of DesignEvo, let’s check out how to make logos with this tool.

How to make logos with DesignEvo in three steps

Logo Maker

First step: Acess the website and register an account.

To use the tool, you should land its website and then click “Make a logo for Free.” After that, you would see a wide range of template gallery. Besides, there is another choice that you can start from scratch and this post will show you how to make a logo from a blank canvas rather than the template.

Second step: Customize the logo.

You can see four-function options Icon, Text and Shape, Background on the left. As long as the four parts are selected and arranged side by side, you can basically have a Logo look! Enter keywords first to find a suitable icon. For example, I want to design a logo related to coffee and enter coffee to find a pile of coffee cups or coffee pots.

After selecting the icon, switch to Text and choose the appropriate font. There are a lot of options to switch to Art and there are also fancy styles designed. But you should note that do not apply too many fonts on your logo.

If you want the entire Logo to look more complete or have a little more sense of design, you can add a frame, line or shape on the Shape tab. After selecting the necessary elements, you can start to adjust the color, position, etc. settings of each item.

Clicking on the item to be adjusted will appear in the upper left corner of the editable functions such as color, flip, transparency, etc. Editing functions will vary depending on the type of object.

Third step: Preview and download your works

Before saving, you can click the “Preview” program in the upper right corner to automatically apply the logo to business cards, notebooks, websites, etc. so that you can preview the effect. Finally, press “Download” and the developer said that after the design, please share it to use it for free. After sharing, press “Download and Agree” to download the compressed file of the logo image. There will be jpg files, png files.


The logo I made during the test was designed to be very simple, but it looks pretty good. How do you think about it? Does it meet your needs? And if you need a logo, you can try this tool.

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