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Digital Signage

Digital signages are quickly replacing traditional billboards and adverts signs in the market. Anything redundant and static is generally rejected by users. So it came as no surprise that industries are embracing digital display in the marketing campaigns. 

But, does setting up a digital signage board is enough to catch consumers’ eyes? 

No. Not when it is not creating some sort of customer experience and stimulates user-engagement. 

In present times, consumers prefer user-generated content over branded content writing service. As UGC is emerging as the most trusted form of marketing, leveraging it through various visual channels has become a need of the hour. One way to display the authentic user content and employ it in marketing is by using a social media wall

A social wall is a great way to showcase the best of user-generated photos, videos, testimonials, etc. curated from different social media platforms. This aggregated content from brand consumers can be displayed in live events or be embedded over the website. As far as the creation of UGC is concerned, there are many ways in which brands can engage their users. One such way is through hashtag campaigns which bring assured results especially when it comes to event engagement. 

Hashtag Campaign

Incorporating an umbrella marketing plans such as Hashtag campaigns with a Digital Social Wall could get a brand an upper hand in the market.

A Hashtag marketing campaign helps in gathering all the content from social media. This makes it easier for live audiences or store visitors to keep up with the marketing campaign updates and therefore, motivate them to publish their pictures on social media using the dedicated hashtag. 

Also, by doing so, they create more exposure for the brand as now the participants’ fans and followers on social media too could follow and be a part of the campaign. 

The UGC from hashtag campaigns is the rawest content. By playing on the authentic appeal of user-generated content, it becomes easier for brands to convert their target audience into consumers. 

Besides, Hashtag Campaigns here are 5 industry-specific Digital Signages applications through which businesses could engage consumers in real-time – 


In a large organization, booking a meeting room is a hassle and a task in itself. Installing meeting room signage in offices could help people to keep a track of meeting schedules so that simultaneous bookings could be avoided. Another example where using digital signage in office space could save time and energy is for office communication. Offices could display event notifications, birthday and work anniversary reminders across different departments. Such kind of employer-employee interaction not only brings the entire office under one space but also boosts the productivity of employees for they feel validated.  

Digital Signage in offices could also be converted into performance dashboards where teams and leaders get industry updates. This would also help the teams to keep a track of Key Performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time. This brings transparency as well as prompts quick decision-making on a business part which is the foundation of any successful organization. 


Installing social media signage at hotels or resort properties could enhance the guest experience in many ways. Using digital signage as a visual concierge would provide guests with information about the nearby amenities and events. Hotels could also display weather forecasts and in-house activities for the guests to plan their day better.

Restaurants could offer a sneak peek into the dining menu by displaying the food images on the digital boards. In the case of multiple restaurants under one roof, a restaurant-specific menu can be put on display in the lobby area where guests could choose from depending on their food-preferences. 

Visitors, especially travelers and diners find UGC displayed on digital signages engaging and trustworthy. By putting up one in the reservation area, hotels can boast of “better services and stay experience” as per their customers’ feedback. Such kind of positive and credible assurance boosts business revenue and strengthens brand reputation.  


Consumers these days prefer to shop online which might lead brands into thinking that having digital signage at offline stores might bring nothing but extra expense. Wrong! 

Brick and mortar outlets especially apparel retailers could amplify one trait that e-commerce websites generally lack- customer experience. Digital Screens displaying ads, product galleries and user-generated content from all marketing touchpoints make a real difference when it comes to a customer’s purchasing decisions. 

Digital signages could also be used to draw attention to ongoing sales to increase foot traffic in stores. Retail stores could employ digital signage as the product feature comparison board, which empowers consumers to shop better. 


User interaction is the prime pro of using digital signage that plays a major role when education hubs are concerned. Having digital signage at University and school campuses not only keep the students informed about the important events but also shows that the education leaders at the premises embrace modernity. 

A sense of belonging among students will urge them to post online more often about campus activities which, a form of UGC, could be later used in marketing campaigns. By integrating a smart UGC and social aggregator tool, academic institutions could also moderate the content before showing it on live-feed. 

Digital screens displaying existing students’ experiences at a campus near the admission kiosk will work as a “prospect” for new students, thereby driving admissions. 


 A Digital signage displaying the social wall could spark the conversation around the event between the offline and online audience.

Event planners could engage their attendees by prompting them to share their pictures from the event on social media. This, in turn, could be displayed on the huge Digital signages which will further attendees’ participation. The idea behind screening the user-generated content in the real-time feed is that it enhances the event’s reach on social media platforms. 

This could prove beneficial if the event is an annual affair as more people are likely to attend the event in successive years thereby creating a cult following. 


Social Media Digital signages are a great way to upscale a business’s reputation in the market. There are many out of the box ideas that a brand could implement while using digital screens in offline advertising. However, the same can be taken a notch higher when digital signages are integrated with social walls powered by UGC. It drives user engagement, increases social media reach, builds brand loyalty and boosts conversions for a business.

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