Review: Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer (Worth the Money?)

Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer

I guess there are many peoples like me who hold there pee in public places like restroom at mall, bus stand, railway station, college, office, hotel etc, just to avoid using the Toilet? And if can’t you have to squat over the public commode, hovering on it and managing to pee without bringing your body into contact with the toilet seat surface?

All these is because, nobody wants diseases that one can get by using public toilet.

Well, I found a savior by the best feminine hygiene brand in India named Everteen, the magic product is known as Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer. It is the effective, safe and instant disinfectant spray for women.

Everteen: the quality & ethics behind the brand

Everteen provide the best quality feminine hygiene products. It’s Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer is the best product for disinfectant when you use public toilets.

What’s in it?

Benzalkonium Chloride IP, Isopropyl Alcohol IP, Excipients & Propellant q.s., Aroma.

It has pleasant aroma ingredients that assure you to sanitizing the seat in just a 5 seconds. It evaporates almost immediately (5 seconds) so you’re ready to use the toilet in just a few more seconds. You don’t even need to wipe it before using the sanitized toilet.


Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer is a travel friendly it comes in a handy, compact and lightweight spray bottle that can be fit in purse or handbag.

Direction of use:

  1. Shake the spray first.
  2. Hold above 10 inches and spray it on disinfects toilet seat, cover, lever, flush, faucets.
  3. Wait for 5 seconds
  4. Your disinfected seat is ready to use

P.S – Now you can rest assured that the toilet seat will be squeaky clean and free from germs in just 5 seconds. You don’t even need to wipe it before using the sanitized toilet.

Where can you use Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer?

You can use it in the public toilets that make you uncomfortable. You can also spray it to sanitise disinfects toilet seat, cover, lever, flush, faucets.


  • Kills germs instantly
  • Help prevent infections
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Travel friendly, can be fit in your handbag
  • It has amazing fragrance
  • It’s not just a toilet sanitizer, you can use on anything in a loo that comes in contact with your skin.
  • You don’t need wipe before or after use, as it evaporates in just a 5 seconds
  • Price is reasonable 90ml for 185


  • Not available offline.

Price: 90ml for Rs. 185

Buy from Everteen toilet seat sanitizer

The Final Verdict

Everteen toilet seat sanitizer is a boon for me. I tried out this product in a railways station toilet. These toilets are used by several people many times every day. I could hardly find any cons. My pee problems are sorted. And if you don’t want urine infections or  STDs (yes, you can get these if you use public toilets) you should give it a try.

I think they are definitely justified even despite the money and I would prescribe them to everybody. I will keep these items on my recurrent buy list.

Blogger Magazine Rating: 4.4/5

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