A complete guide for the homeowners for landlord safety certificates

landlord safety certificates

As a homeowner, you have certain legal responsibilities to ensure the landlord safety certificates of your tenants. However, understanding what to do in addition to managing and maintaining your property can be a bit overwhelming and it is not always easy to find out.

In Landlord Property Certificates we specialize in gas, inspections, electrical certificates and other safety checks of rented property in London and m25 areas. If you are a landlord, this guide is written for you to give you an idea of ​​what you need to know and do to legally comply with safety in facilities that you transfer to tenants.

Which certificates do I need as a landlord?

Every homeowner needs a landlord gas safety certificate and electrical safety certificate for his property, also known as a gas safety audit protocol. The gas certificate is issued by a registered gas safety engineer after checking gas appliances or components in the rental and the EICR report is issued by NAPIT or NICEIC approved electrician. If they all meet the required safety standards and are in good condition, the certificate is issued to the landlord, directly or through his rental agent, if he uses it.

As a landlord, you must have a current gas safety certificate for your home by law. Failure to do so will result in a fine of £ 6,000 and even six months’ imprisonment. In addition to the legal obligation to have this, a gas safety check is more than just an exercise for show. It fulfills your moral and ethical responsibilities as a landlord, as the inspectorate helps ensure the safety of your tenants and ensures your property is suitable for housing. During a gas safety check, your registered gas safety engineer checks your boiler, your chimney and any gas appliances such as a gas stove or gas fireplace.

How often should landlord gas safety certificate be renewed?

The gas safety certificate is valid for 12 months and must therefore be replaced annually by an updated one. However, landlords can arrange a check after 10 months without losing 2 months check time. If you decide to do this, your certificate will expire 14 months from the date of verification.

What else do my tenants need to know?

Your tenants must see the gas safety certificate within 28 days of the inspection being performed and the certificate being issued. Keep your certificate safe somewhere in case you need to prove you have one, if needed. As a landlord, you must keep a gas safety check for at least 2 years.

It is also important that your renters are aware of the gas appliances in your home as this is their home and they are likely to use it most days. Make sure your renters understand how the gas fire and stove work, are aware of the carbon monoxide detector, and don’t turn it off, and understand how the boiler works.

Also, make sure that your renters have your details or their rental office contact details if you use one so they can report any gas central heating issues or appliances if they arise. This way you can handle them quickly and safely.

Before you can arrange a gas safety check, you must have access from your tenant. If you manage the rental of property yourself, contact your tenants and explain when you would like to have access. Your tenant can choose whether or not he is present in the property when the inspection takes place, and if the time is not right for him, arrange the inspection for a date and time that suits both of you.

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Why choose Landlord Property Certificates?

As gas and electrical specialists and because we are local in London and M25 areas, we are ideally suited to perform your gas and electrical safety checks. We have over a decade of experience and are Gas Safe registered so your safety is always a priority. In addition to the aforementioned legally required inspections, our team also carries out checks on gas-fired fires that are no longer in use. This is to ensure complete peace of mind about gas safety throughout your property.

After we have performed your gas safety check, we will provide you with a landlord gas safety certificate that is valid for one year. This is proof that you have had a statutory audit carried out and that your gas appliances and flue or chimney are safe to use.

Perform reliable gas safety checks in London

The experienced team here at Landlord Property Certificates conducts gas and electrical safety checks on properties in all areas which are located within M25. Our skilled, qualified heating engineers are Gas Safe registered and provide a reliable and effective service to both landlords and rental companies.

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