How to Save Your Bathroom without Renovation

Bathroom without Renovation

Old Tile:

If the vintage tile is not your thing and you get Goosebumps every time you go into the bathroom and come face to face with that seventies brown and beige print, you have 4 options:

  1. Epoxy painting: Faster and cheaper option
  2. Acrylic putty + paint: More work than epoxy paint but you get rid of the grout marks.
  3. Tile on tile: It avoids construction and rubble but the original tiles need to be in good condition and the windows, sockets and water outlet points need to be adjusted to the new thickness of the walls.
  4. Vinyl stickers or adhesive pads: Ideal solution for a rented, cheap, fast, and temporary apartment.

Cabinet Falling Apart:

If the furniture has doors falling or is infested with termites it is best to replace it.

Using a piece with casters that can be used in another environment when you move or install shelves or niches below the sink counter are cheap and easy solutions to do.

Old Metals:

Replacing the bathroom metals is much easier and cheaper than changing the dishes and the effect is unbelievable.

Not to mention that dripping faucet, in addition to wasting water, is crazy.

Enjoy and exchange towels and toilet paper holders with models with the same finish as the taps. No mixing plastic with glass with stainless steel.

The only care is to buy a support model larger than the hole in the granite.

Here is a tutorial that teaches you how to install a support tub on your own.

Another tip is to always use the vase lid in the same color as the dishes.

When you mix colors and materials too much in a small environment it creates a feeling of disorder.

Relaxing Shower:

An intense routine, daily stress and many worries manage to make us feel exhausted and without energy at the end of the day, just wanting to cool down to rest. For that, nothing better than a good bath, one of the best ways to reduce tension and prepare for sleep so always pick the best shower head for a great experience.

Poor Lighting:

The bathroom is an environment that needs a lot of light due to the activities we perform in it; makeup, beard, waxing, etc.

Replace the ceiling lamp with a ceiling light that accommodates at least 2 compact white light fluorescent lamps.

If your bathroom has a spotlight over the mirror, enjoy it.

Install an aluminum or acrylic sconce to resist bathroom fumes and capacity for 2 lamps.

Zero Charm:

As the materials and coverings used in the bathroom are cold and smooth, you need to worry about including in this space some pieces with a more rustic texture, which brings comfort.

It can be a shelf or stool made of natural wood or a straw basket for dirty clothes.

A rug, wall art, and plants complete the decor. Work the decoration using the colors of the floor and the tiles. Choose towels, curtains, and accessories from the same color family.

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