How To Stay Fit In Your 70’s

How To Stay Fit In Your 70’s

With age, there are various physiological changes that occur in the body—you start losing muscle mass, you feel less energetic, and your agility starts diminishing day by day and stay fit.

However, there are a few ways you can prevent major physical and mental deterioration in your 70’s. According to a report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there were approximately 13% people aged 65 or older and it is estimated that this figure is likely to go up to 20% in 2030. Therefore, you are more likely to live an average of ten years longer than your parents!

Here are a few longevity tips that you can work on and live a fulfilling life stay fit in your 70’s !

Get Adequate Shut-Eye

Sleep helps the body and mind rejuvenate and clear out toxins accumulated throughout the day. The notion that older adults do not require much sleep is simply a myth. People of all age groups require adequate sleep; the usual recommendation is to get seven to nine hours of shut-eye every night.

To feel energetic and fresh, get adequate sleep time and make it a priority. Maintain a night routine where you prepare for bed, perhaps read a little, have a warm beverage if possible, etc. so that your body can prepare itself for a long night of deep sleep.

Keep Your Brain Active

You know how you can stimulate your brain? By indulging in puzzles, connecting with others, and having new experiences!

See, when we slip into a routine, our brain goes into autopilot mode. This is when we don’t feel alive in our routines and mindlessly complete our everyday tasks.

When you stimulate your brain with new activities, such as learning a new language or skill, meeting new people, traveling to a new place, watching a documentary on a science topic, or more, you excite your brain and it snaps right out of its autopilot mode.

Have A Wholesome Diet

Time and again we are reminded of the benefits of having a wholesome, well-balanced diet. This goes for all age groups! A diet full of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and lean protein is going to serve you well.

Many fruits and vegetables are considered nature’s cholesterol and cancer-fighting agents and are especially beneficial for people in their 70’s.

Get Your Body Moving

Your body thrives on physical activity. No matter what form of physical activity you like—cycling, walking, running, swimming, etc. include it in your daily routine. Exercise is not only for losing excess fat and building muscle; it keeps you in a good mood and helps you stay fresh. Moreover, it may even help you in getting better sleep.

A Final Word

Aging is part of life. You can have a great time in your 70’s with the above-mentioned tips, as well as embracing aging wholeheartedly. Your mindset on aging can have a significant impact on your health and lifestyle. Consider the wisdom that comes from age, the relaxed time, and the spiritual and mental growth over the years and cherish everything and stay fit.

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