Is Vaping Illegal While Driving


Driving is the most risky activity we do on a daily basis. It may seem surprising bearing in mind the volume of safety components all cars come equipped with. All the same dangers exist.

Today, drivers who vape while driving are really a common thing. You’ll find that many smokers have switched to vaping in the last few decades. People like to puff while driving to work or traveling by car.

The question is, is it illegal to vape in car? The short answer is no. There are no specific laws prohibiting vaping while driving in the US. However there are laws about texting, driving and distractions.

If you vape while driving, make sure you vape the right amount of strength. Besides, if you’re not used to high levels of nicotine concentrations, choose a low level of nicotine concentration or vape less frequently. When you vape too much, you may feel dizzy and nauseous and this can affect your driving.

While the use of electronic cigarettes has become increasingly popular, many vapers use devices with built-in tanks while others use drip-style models. This when a tank is not included  and the user needs to frequently drip new juice on to the wick which normally involves disassembling part of the device. This is not recommended while driving since both hands on the wheel and eyes should be on the road.

It is not the best time to take a puff when you are on the road driving, Vaping reduces visibility when windows are closed or their vapor blown directly in front of them. This can be very hazardous especially on a freeway. Also e-juice with high levels of vegetable glycerin produces thicker clouds leading to obstruction.

High levels of nicotine can also impair driving causing dizziness and light-headedness. While this may pass in a few seconds, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. If you have to vape while driving, keep this in mind, take more shallow hits, or consider reducing your nicotine level.

 While it is still legal to vape and drive, a police officer can get you pulled over for vaping if your vehicle is full of vapor and vision is obviously impaired. Also, less informed members of the public may not be aware of what you’re doing and assume you’ve found a new way to smoke marijuana. You can definitely expect an officer to be called if this is the case.

Just like with anything you bring into your car, from a cheeseburger to a vape, be smart and stay safe. Laws and regulations are always changing, so keep an eye on any legal updates before hitting the road with your Best Dab Pen.

However, vaping can impair driving in the following ways:

Fogged vision

When you vape while driving and exhale vapor in front of you, the vision becomes foggy after a few seconds. This can be really dangerous. However, you can avoid this by making sure the windows are open while vaping since e-liquids produce a mist that doesn’t vanish fast in closed places.

Windscreen build-up

When you vape in the car, you’ll soon notice that it becomes difficult to see clearly out of your windows and windshield. Vapes have vegetable glycerin which leaves an oily film on windshields whereby in the long run it irritates and impairs vision. To prevent this, you should wash your windows regularly with a window cleaner with vinegar.


While driving, nothing should affect your attention. Always get ready beforehand. While vaping has a dry effect on the throat, you should stay hydrated to avoid coughing. Perhaps, having a bottle of water in your car is ideal. Also, keep your vaping gear safely and put everything you need in one place. Searching for a vape pen while driving is a bad idea.

Vaping with a child in the car

Many states have imposed laws forbidding smoking in a car where minors are passengers. In other words, it is illegal to vape in a car with a child. For example under California law, you’ll be fined $100 to vape with kids in the car. The state’s law clearly includes e-cigarettes in the group of tobacco products. Therefore, electronic cigarettes are considered as tobacco products.

Vaping while driving has a long term health impact which presents a safety hazard. The vapor produced in a single exhalation results in the drivers inability to see the road clearly. A driver whose vision is impaired because of vaping would likely be found at fault for any resulting collision. 

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