Lizard Infestation Protection With Professional Control Services Provider

Lizard Infestation Protection

Lizards are one of the most found reptile animal with over six thousand species living all over the world except some cold places like Antarctica. Lizard is a cold-blooded reptile and can easily live in and around the places with humidity and a little heat. Lizard control services providers discovered tha less than twenty percent of the species is actually living among the human acquired space or near the human habitat and it is really tough to ignore their presence. These lizards can grow up to around ten feet in some species like komodo dragon and some of them grew to be only a few centimeters like chameleons.

These are also one of the natural insect killers living surrounding us but that makes this animal even more dangerous as some of them carry some dangerous venom that can create a severe impact on human bodies. Common house gecko lizards can grow up to six inches and primarily targets the insects and mites inside and outside the house but sometimes they can bite humans too and their saliva is home to toxic bacteria that can cause several viral dieses.

The lizards are dangerous around children because of their natural instinct to fight back when fear insecurity. At the time a lizard can be so dangerous that it can bite of the skin and cause serious tissue damage and scars. Although they are a natural insect killers but they still needs to be controlled and exterminated if necessary.

Methods to control Lizards in and around a house are

  • Controlling the food they consume is often a good strategy to control them from invading the privacy of a human habitat. For that we must understand the species we are against. This can be a Mediterranean house gecko which is basically known to be of Turkish origin and also be called as moon lizard because of its nature of coming out in moonlight only to find food. Or this can also be common house gecko found in southern Asia and India. These house gecko can easily be found climbing up the walls and on the roofs most commonly in the corners and near the spider webs so that they can easily have their food from the preys caught by the spiders. The most favored way to control lizards from entering the house and living around is to stop offering them the food for which they come to the corners of walls and roof sights. Their foods are mainly the insects and by preventing the insects we can simply stop lizards from getting in to the house. The other preferred way is pest control which makes the lizard leave due to the lack of food it wants.
  • Lizard spray are mostly the bio organisms mixed with synthetic chemicals to control lizard population in a certain area and sometimes also used to repel lizards from households. Some herbal plants like Neem and marjoram are also used to prevent lizards from home invasion. These sprays are used as per their ability to terminate the insects and lizards like some harmful chemical spray are used in area surrounding the exterior walls of a home and near the beams but mostly herbal sprays made of plant oils are to be used inside the home walls for the safety of child and pets.
  • Repellent Granules for lizards are usually made of bio products like pepper and Neem which are highly toxic to the lizards in so many ways that a mixture of tobacco and coffee is supposed to make the lizard mad and eventually die on its own. Naphthalene balls granules sprinkled over the lawn are also a very effective granule in general to kill lizards. These granules are effective mostly outside the house or in corners of house area where it can be in reach of lizards easily. it is important to find and cover the hiding places of lizards to make sure the granules to work effectively. Phenyl and garlic are also effective to control lizards from coming in to a home.
  • Traps are a mechanical set up constructed by human to immobilize the dangers like insects, animals and birds. These traps can be just to control, immobilize and sometimes leathel to the species they are made for. For example a trap set for bear is different than the one set for mosquitos. Just like that the trap used to immobilize lizards needs different structural body and sometimes a different approach to target is needed. Like a lizard can be entrapped by leaving bait like insects and then capturing it somewhere just to leave them far away where they can roam free. And sometimes even fly traps are used to immobilize a lizard which may kill the lizard some times.
  • Sanitization of the area is an important step in order to keep a place lizard free which includes exterminating insects’ moths and mites inside and outside the house. Sanitization includes spraying corners with a repellent so that lizards would not stay and nest inside the house. Also it is recommended that the gapes or cracks must be filled up tight so that any unauthorized way to enter inside can be closed.

You can hire private lizard control services providers to get assistance for pest infestation management. Find them through online search engines or business directories and talk to them directly.

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