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Eye Health

Science and natural medicine combine how we can better protect our eye health and actually improve it. As someone with very severe dry eyes (my eyes do not produce enough moisture to keep them lubricated, which results in redness, scratches, etc. And seriously enough that I have both the upper tear ducts connected to drain less moisture from my eyes), I am happy to report that I have found that adding natural supplements to my diet has changed things significantly.

As we get older, our vision is often one of the first signs that our body is aging. Eye protection and visual health must be of utmost importance to prevent serious vision impairments or even blindness in our future explained by kangzhangmd.com. Although natural supplements cannot promise prevention or cure, many of us have experienced significant positive changes. Consult your ophthalmologist about the following natural options that may be beneficial to you and which dosage would be appropriate for you.

What kind of natural supplement options can you use that can improve the health and vision of your eyes?

1. Consume quality Omega fish oil – EPA and DHA, 1000-2000 mg.

2. FloraGLO (R) is considered the best brand for Lutein. Lutein is a nutrient that can help protect the macula of the eye from age-related problems and keep eye cells healthy. 6-20 mg a day is recommended by studies. You can also buy plain lutein and it will still provide good eye health properties.

3. Blueberry extract has been around for many years and has been used to promote healthy vision. A common total blueberry dose is approx. 200 mg daily.

4. There is now an all-natural dry eye formula from the Institute of Nutraceutical Sciences, designed to provide “continuous comfort, relief and support for eyes experiencing eye discomfort, low tear production, use of computers and contact lenses or LASIK surgery (See the details of this product like NSI or at Vitacost.com and consult your doctor).

There are several other companies that produce products that contain many ingredients that promote good eye health. You can search for these and find the one that best suits your specific eye needs.

5. Here is a list of the 17 vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements that medical research has shown are important for optimal vision and eye health: These eye vitamins play a critical role in supporting your vision as well as in protecting against potentially blinding conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. It is important for effective eye care.

o Alpha-lipoic acid – 50 mg
o Cranberry – 80 mg
o Bioflavonoids – 250 mg
o Chrome – 200 mcg
o Copper gluconate – 2 mg
o Eyebright – 50 mg
o Ginkgo Biloba – 25 mg
o Glutathione – 10 mg
Lutein (containing zeaxanthin) – 6 mg
o N-Acetyl Cysteine ​​(NAC) – 200 mg
Quercetin – 100 mg
o Routine – 100 mg
o Selenium – 50 mcg
o Vitamin A – 25,000 IU
o Vitamin C – 1,000 mg
o Vitamin E – 400 IU
or zinc – 50 mg

We no longer need to mess with our vision as we get older, research and research continue to show that there are natural options that can improve our vision (results may vary), the problem is knowing your options and then doing something about it. Now you know your options and it is now up to you to take action on what you want to do to keep your eyes healthy and your vision strong. If you have older siblings, friends or parents, please pass this information on to us so we can all see a better future.

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