Review: Nature Sure Jonk Shampoo (Worth the Money?)

Nature Sure Jonk Shampoo

There have been many reviews of Nature Sure Jonk Shampoo, but I wanted to test it for myself to find out if it successfully passed the “worth it” test.

Choosing a great shampoo for any hair type – thick and thin hair, curly or straight hair – can be challenging. I wanted to find an effective shampoo that claims that would prove consistent and can be flexible to wash hair daily if needed.

I wanted a product effective, safe and free of harmful chemicals, suited to my specific hair care needs and concerns.

Let’s start with the Jonk Shampoo review. Here’s the Jonk Shampoo I use.

Nature Sure: the quality & ethics behind the brand

All because of quality. Nature Sure products are really sticking to a Sulfate-free, Paraben-free formula. They’re also 100% Natural.

What’s in it?

Aloe Vera, Methi, Baheda, Amla, Neem, Aritha, Shikakai, Harad,

Jonk shampoo not just give your hair a huge boost of also support therapy for your hair, leaving it shiny and smooth, it also repairs dead skin cells on the scalp. This helps dandruff away and make hair roots strong.

The by-product of that is a very gentle formula that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals like Paraben and Sulfates. This is good even all hair type colored, treated in any way as it will not damage your hair like a chemically based shampoo would.

And it is 100% vegan on top of it, as it is 100% natural shampoo.


I love the packing. It comes in a white bottle with a pump out the product and the bottle have all the details.

Direction of use:

Apply a sufficient quantity of Shampoo onto wet hair. Massage and lather enough to cover the entire hair strands and scalp. Rinse out with water.


  1. NO harmful chemicals like parabens and sulfates
  2. Sweet fragrance
  3. Removes dandruff
  4. Easy to use
  5. Reasonably priced
  6. Price is reasonable 300ml for 390


  1. Not available offline.

Price: 300ml for Rs. 390

Buy from Nature sure jonk shampoo

The Final Verdict

I found this shampoo to be fun and the scent to be exhilarating. The fragrance was not much and made my hair smell extremely marvelous. I must admit I loved the fragrance it lasted for a day. After use, my hair felt soft and smooth.

After using this jonk hydrating shampoo for a few days, my damaged hair had more thick and shine. The frizz of my hair usually had seemed to disappear. I cherished its delicate and soft touch and would end up with my fingers experiencing my hair a few times each day just to get a snatch at the smooth surface. Dissimilar to different shampoos where my shading would blur rapidly.

Following a little while of utilization, I saw Nature sure jonk shampoo as high-caliber, powerful and effective hair care items. I think they are definitely justified even despite the money and I would prescribe them to everybody. I will keep these items on my recurrent buy list.

Blogger Magazine Rating: 4.6/5

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