Review: Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil

Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil

Oils are an essential part of many Indians beauty routines, though an esteem for them is beginning to become more established. Dermatologist recommends doing it twice a week and that’s exactly what I do.

Nature Sure: the quality & ethics behind the brand

All because of quality. Nature Sure products are really sticking to a Sulfate-free, Paraben-free formula. They’re also 100% Natural.

What’s in it?

Thumba, Kranj, Bhringraj, Mustard Oil, Kapoor Kachri, Til Oil.

Thumba which is also know as Indrayan or Bitter Apple. It is a fruit of desert which is an Ayurveda herb. It is medically proven that Thumba can regrowth hair follicles up to 70% successfully. Thumba is use to fasten the time needed to initiate hair growth. The main reason of Alopecia, Hair loss and Baldness, is a loss of nutrition’s and scalp infection. Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil can help you to cure scalp infection and nourish follicles without any side effects.

Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil review


Thumba Wonder Hair Oil comes in a simple, green colored translucent plastic bottle packaging with a flip cap with in a cardboard box packaging.


  1. Boost Hair Growth
  2. Prevent Greying and fair fall
  3. Increase hair count and length
  4. Amazing for hair nourishment as a good source of essential fatty acids such as palmitic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, stearic acid and proteins, alkaloids, antioxidants, leucine and flavonoids.
  5. Naturally anti-infective effect

Price: 110ml for Rs.340

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The Final Verdict

All things considered, before I even utilized the Thumba Wonder Hair Oil really. Hair oils can be sticky, yet this one arrives in a simple to utilize bottle, and the oil is thick.

I scoured around scarcely few drops between the palms of my hand and rubbed it into my scalp roots. I utilized it consistently two times per week for a month.

When utilizing the oil, I’ll explicitly concentrate on the zones around my hairline since that is the place the diminishing was generally clear for me. It doesn’t feel a lot of oily or clingy; my scalp appears to drink it up before long. In the wake of messaging it into my scalp for two or three minutes, I’ll take anything that remains and put it on my closures. After one month, I was at the yoga center placing my hair in a braid when I saw that I was experiencing issues getting all my hair in the rubber. I looked nearer just to acknowledge I had a totally different layer of hair developing around the rear of my head.

I’d attempted a huge amount of various hair oils and masks, however my hair would just look supper good, healthy and shinny the first day I utilized it. I’d regularly wake up the following day to my hair watching dried out, so I’d pull it in a pig tail or bun. I additionally used to want to do an at home blowout or twist my hair consistently to make my hair look thicker, however now, I’ll do a brisk blow dry once I’m out of the shower and my hair will look similarly as sound and full on third-day hair as it did well after warmth styling.

My hairs have more volume looks healthy. Now, I can run my hands through my hair without stressing I’ll be pulling out a wad of hair.

Like I stated, results will fluctuate and a few people probably won’t see considerable outcomes as I did. In any case, for the individuals who are eager to try it out, I enthusiastically suggest this oil. My hair is thicker than it’s at any point been and is all around more beneficial as well. There are different things I’ve included and taken out from my hair routine to cause it to feel more beneficial so this oil isn’t the main thing I’m utilizing, yet it merits the greatest get out for giving the most quick and striking outcomes.

Following a little while of utilization, I saw Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil as powerful and effective hair care items. I will keep these items on my recurrent buy list.

Blogger Magazine Rating: 4.5/5

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