Parental Control App to Keep Teenagers Safe from Online Dangers

Parental Control App

Digital technology has badly involved ourselves in digital activities. Its huge and worst effect is seen in children. Usually, teenagers are addicted to online games, social media, and to watch YouTube videos. But parents are curious about which type of content their kids watch. They want to save their teen’s future life, which is getting damaged by the endless use of the internet and involvement in inappropriate things.

Since spy technology came, online crime ratio has been reduced. Parents get preliminary awareness of upcoming threats and take action to prevent their teens. Out of thousands of advanced surveillance apps, TheOneSpy is a unique solution at all. 

Let us look at TheOneSpy parental control app tools and their working.

TheOneSpy Parental Control App

Social media plays a vital role in our lives as it gets aware us of all updates, similarly, it has unethical /useless content as well which mostly attracts kids. Teens start liking, sharing or adopting unethical things that add to parents’ worries. Likewise, some predators/stalkers especially target teens and misused them. Besides that, kid’s ratio is high in watching porn sites, violence and hacking based content sites. 

To save kids from online dangers and remotely track their online activities, TheOneSpy provides the perfect solution pack to parents. It enables the parents to remotely block useless content-based sites or block harmful persons like stalker/hacker. 

TheOneSpy Parental Control App Features 

TheOneSpy provides a dynamic range of tools that gives much confidence and energy to parent. With TOS, parents become enable to track their kid’s situation without letting them know. Here we will discuss some surveillance tools of TOS.

Call Logs 

Contacts Tracker

Live screen recorder 


Message Tracker 

Live 360 camera streaming 

Social media monitoring 

Live 360 surrounding listener 

E-mail tracker 

GPS location tracker 


Some situation of Online Danger and the Help of TOS

TheOneSpy digital parenting solution consists of the most innovative tools that allow the parents to first completely aware of the situation and then take action on it. 

  • Teens join different groups on social accounts which are based on violence or harmful content. The content impacts their behavior, which comes out in aggression, depression, or sadness. TOS enables the parents to have a look at all social accounts of their kids such as WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. Parents can get access to joined groups and can leave useless groups remotely.
  • If someone threatens the kids continuously and kids are unable to share the situation with anyone, so parents can monitor it secretly. TOS allows parents to prevent kids from harmful persons by blocking them.
  • Suppose you are a faithful employee of your business and you have sensitive information as well. Maybe your business competitor/relative knows about it, and he/she targets your kid to get those secret data. In such a situation, you will be preliminary aware by TOS about the alarming situation.
  • Besides that, if your kid bullies someone or if someone bullies your kid without any reason, so you can block that particular person hiddenly. 
TOS Extra Free Services

TheOneSpy also facilitates parents with its extra free services, which are above.

  1. Money-back guarantee

If you mistakenly buy the wrong version app, so you can return to TOS within 14-days of purchase.

  • Discount Offers

TOS usually offers special discount packages on special events to make your time more charming.

  • 24/7 Help desk

TOS provides a 24/7 free help desk service where everyone can leave their queries and get a satisfied answer within 24 hours.

  • Technical Service

TOS technicians help users when a user faces any technical issue in the installation process or app running.

  • Mighty Alarms

A user can put alarms on any particular activity that the targeted person frequently performs.

  • Easy Installation Process

TOS only takes 3-minutes to install any app or software package or plan. 

Final Thought 

Eventually, it turns out that the TheOneSpy parental control app is perfect for parents to prevent and protect their kids from online dangers. It aware the parents about the alarming situation and enable them to control remotely earlier. Well! Don’t wait and avail TOS special discounts by purchasing your suitable plan.

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