Reason You Should Use Moisture Not Oil


Love to do skincare? Then you must be familiar with what it takes to have flawless and smooth skin. Taking the right choices in case of products you use for skin is quite essential. You need to be careful while selecting any product for your skincare. Keeping this in view strikes the question of which product you need to have, either moisturizer or face oil. Both have their pros and cons for your skin. So before going for anyone alternative have a look at the benefits you will have through the use of a moisturizer.

The contrast between moisturizer and oil

These days there is a lot of buzz around the benefits of moisturizer and oil for the facial skin. Moisturizer creams are blends of water and oils but oils are simply only the blend of different oils with no water.

Oils are necessary for structure preservation of skin but relying only on oil is not a good decision. Only oils are not sufficient for restoring the flexibility and elasticity of the epidermis. According to some research, using occlusive oils like petroleum jelly tends to provide a solution for a shorter duration. After two to three hours the skin’s composition becomes unbalanced again.

So relying only on oil will not help you. For complete hydration, you require both oil and water. People with younger skin can use oil as an alternative to night cream. But for mornings, young skin should always be taken care of by moisturizers.

Why choose moisturizers?

Using moisturizers is one of the best ways you can take care of your skin. Its use doesn’t let your skin to become dry. Dry skin not only makes the skin loose shine but is an invitation to other several skin problems as well. If you avoid using moisturizer you may welcome some of the following unwanted problems:

More wrinkles

If you eliminate moisturizer from your daily routine then surely you will have more wrinkles in the future. According to dermatologists, when we avoid the use of moisturizer our skin suffers from chronic inflammation. Continuous inflammation of skin leads to the breakdown of the collagen. This eventually causes the aging process to be accelerated. Thus the use of a moisturizer is a must.

Worsening of wrinkles

Without the use of moisturizer, the facial skin gets dehydrated. A dehydrated skin adds up to your lines and wrinkles. They come out to look more prominent. If you want them to be less prominent then the use of a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid will prove to be beneficial for the purpose. So this state that for skincare moisturizer is required.

Dull and flaky complexion

Mostly during winters the dry air and the humidity level make your skin dehydrated and strip of its lipid. These lipids form the outer part of the protective layer. Damage to these layers causes irritants to easily penetrate the skin. This causes the skin to be reddish and flaky. Thus the use of a moisturizer is a must to keep the skin hydrated and protects the skin from unwanted damages. Oils cannot keep the skin hydrated all alone. Thus using moisturizer over oils can surely help.

Aggravation of acne

Moisturizer can prove to be your friend if your face has blemishes as enemies. Skin dryness worsens the situation by aggravating your acne. For people having acne must choose an oil-free moisturizer for improving their situation. This moisturizer must be used along with fragrance-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer along with the acne regimen.

Loss of layer of protection

Many products that you use for skincare have elements like salicylic acid, retinoids and much more. These elements may cause dryness to your skin. Using such elements without a moisturizer may further lead to redness or peeling skin. Thus moisturizers are a preferable option over oils.


No use of moisture will surely lead to dry skin, especially in winters. This will cause itchiness after the moment you are out of the shower. Thus to avoid this inconvenience you must use a moisturizer over oil to get back your smooth skin.

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