The Secret to Preparing Your House For Sale

House For Sale

The key to preparing your home for sale can be summed up in one word: print!

Your job is simply to make sure you get the best possible impression on the prospective buyer from the moment you stop outside your home. Make a good impression from the start, and you will have onlookers by your side as they tour your home. Wrong this by making a bad impression and you get your work cut out for you and you will probably have lost the vast majority of viewers before they even begin to look around.

The first sight people get from their homes is the front of the house, including the entrance and front yard. So this is where you need to start working.

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Dealing with the exterior of the home, which obviously means not only the front of the home but the entire exterior, means looking at the canvas and the landscape.

Now you will not spend a fortune as you sell, but if there are jobs that stand out as a sore thumb, they should be taken care of. For example, if you have a few broken shingles that you have learned to live with, now is the time to replace them. Similarly, if the exterior of the house looks like you haven’t seen a brush for several years, this is again something you’ll have to address. The minor problems you have learned to live with, like a barn door that has gone out of the hinges, can be quite simple to solve and can make a big difference by showing people about your property.

When it comes to landscaping, it’s usually just a matter of mowing, pruning trees and shrubs, and closing flower beds. If things look pretty sad, depending on the season and weather conditions, it may be worth investing in a new seed to add a splash of color.

Once you have taken care of the outside, it’s time to turn to the interior of the house, which is often much simpler than people think. There are really only two secrets here.

The first is to make sure the house looks impeccably clean, so clean it from top to bottom visit . Again, if the paint looks bad, run through the property with a brush, but keep your color scheme neutral. White, creams and similar bright and neutral colors are the order of the day.

The other secret is to clean up the house from clutter so it looks more like a show home than your home. People need to be able to move around the house easily, so get rid of excess furniture and make sure your furniture is arranged so that it is out of the way and people can ‘pass’ instead of ‘surround’ that. Also remove personal items and knick-knacks and keep them out of place. The house does not want to look naked, so it will have to leave some pieces on the display, but everything else must disappear.

Lastly, don’t forget that when your visitors look around, they use more than just their eyes, and it’s important to impress their noses as well. A bowl of potpourri or some freshly cut flowers on the hall table, one or two strategically placed lit scented candles or the smell of baking can give that last touch.

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