Tips for more likes on Instagram

tips for more likes on Instagram

Step by step to Insta fame: If you want to dust lots of likes on Instagram and want to be as successful as the Instagram record egg, you should know these tips and tricks.

What should I post on Instagram?

 There is no such thing as the perfect Instagram Pic that will guarantee millions of likes with a 100% guarantee. But there are many motifs for which users have a heart: wanderlust pictures from foreign countries, casual outfit pics, cool selfies, cute animals. Let your creativity run free, but avoid blurry and poorly exposed photos and videos. Build a uniform and harmonious Insta feed . How do you do it? Make sure that your Instagram posts match in color, and always use the same filter for editing, if possible. 

The best time to post

The right timing is important! Whether or not your post goes through the roof on Insta depends, among other things, on when you post a post on your mobile phone . Avoid bad times, such as in the middle of the night or in the morning when your followers are busy. The majority of users look at the phone in the evening. Posts that go online between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. usually get more likes and comments.  Try out what time is best for your followers. How to find your personal recipe for success. 

The right hashtags for many likes

You can add up to 30 hashtags to your Instagram post, but you should still throw the motto “A lot helps a lot” overboard. If you want to increase your visibility and reach, you should use hashtags that are thematically related to your post. If you only use hashtags that are very popular on Instagram , there is a greater risk that your post will receive little attention, get lost in the huge flood of mail and therefore won’t get many likes.

Interaction on Instagram

Instagram is and remains a social network that relies primarily on interaction. For you this means: exchange ideas with your followers. Ask them a question in the caption and answer their comments. If you want to get more likes, it’s worth regularly liking other people’s posts. Go looking for profiles that resemble your own Instagram profile and diligently leave comments and hearts. So you can draw users who don’t know you to you and get even more likes for your Instagram pics and videos. 

Instagram Story Like a Pro

With an Instagram story, you can show your followers more of yourself and let them share in your everyday life. But always stay yourself and don’t pretend to please others better. Bring variety to your stories and upload exciting pictures, funny videos and boomerangs or start a live broadcast. You should also include interactive story elements such as a survey or the emoji slider . Use hashtags and the location sticker, then your story will not only be shown to your subscribers. 

Final Though

Success on Instagram is not just limited to that points described above, there are many other effective ways that you can follow to touch the sky. Competition on Instagram is not as low as past. Now it’s not just a fun photo-sharing app, it has become a powerful marketing tool.

This powerful marketing tool has a lot of active users now. Half of them are there with the intensions of marketing their business. If the above tips don’t work for you, you can also buy real Instagram likes to get loved by thousands. This is the way that works when you are not getting likes on Instagram organically.

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