Toolbox: The Best 8 Online Logo Makers You Can Try

Online logo makers

By creating a logo and displaying it in a place that is easily noticed by viewers, you can get the brand image of the company. Since the logo is created with its company concept, it is possible to make the viewer connect with the impression, “Is this a company with this image?”

Strong visual elements such as icons are easier to be remembered than text strings. Incorporating a logo can spread awareness efficiently.

If you want to hire a vintage minimalist logo design or looking for a custom logo animation contact rj graphics.

If you don’t want to take your money on hiring a logo designer, it would be great to make your logo with online easy-to-use logo makers to do your job. Most of them can make a logo quickly in a few minutes, and it does not take much time to create it.

Below are top 8 Online logo makers you can check out

1. Designevo

It is a tool that allows you to create an original logo by selecting a template and adding or adjusting items.

There are millions of icons, so you can make a mark that can be used as a homepage button, such as a shopping mark, an inquiry mark, etc. in addition to the company logo. As it is a template-driven logo creator, so you can easily customize your unique logo.

You can download the size of 300px × 300px for free, provided that you share the created logo on social media. How about trying it out for yourself?

2.Hipster Logo Generator

Its interface is simple, but if you have no idea to get this tool work for you, then you can click the question mark to get the tip. It is a tool that allows you to easily create a logo simply by following the steps as shown.

Firstly, you can choose a shape (The choices are very limit)

Secondly, you can click Next, and then it will appear some icons to add and customize. After that, you can download it in PNG for free.

3. LogoGarden

This is a tool that allows you to create a logo by merely combining symbols and text.

There are more kinds of symbols than other logo makers, from tangible things such as animals, alphabets, sports to abstract things. By combining hundreds of symbols and character fonts, you will be able to create a logo that matches your company image.

The logo you made can be downloaded for free, but if you want high image quality, you will be charged.

4. YouiDraw

It is a tool that can be operated intuitively and even a beginner can easily create a logo. To use YouiDraw, you must register an account to access.

You can finely adjust the shape of the symbol, the color of each part, the change of the position, the font of the character, the width and the length.

When you download it for free, the watermark of “YouiDraw” will be displayed at the bottom.

5. Logaster

It is a logo creation tool that proposes a design that matches the type of business by entering the brand’s name and selecting the type of business, such as medical care, IT, and beauty.

It is not possible to fine-tune or make detailed settings for the proposed logo. Still, two types of “icon” and “text” are automatically generated, and usage examples such as homepages, documents are also showed. You can imagine the usage scene I can do it. It can be downloaded free for low-resolution.

6. Squarespace

This is a tool suitable for simple logo creation. You can easily create a simple logo by entering the company name, searching for the symbol you want to enter, and selecting it.

It is possible to make basic fine adjustments such as the size of symbols and characters, font, color, width and height. You can also add originality by including slogans. The large size of this tool will be charged.

7. Placeit

It is a logo creation tool that is easy to use and intuitive to use.

If you enter the company name in the “Company Name” part, a preview will be displayed.

After that, you can easily create a professional-grade logo by selecting your favorite logo and selecting illustrations, fonts, colors, etc.

It costs $39.95 to download the logo you made as a single item, but it costs as low as $14.95 per month if you use it monthly.

In addition to creating logos, you can also create product designs with T-shirt logos, create videos, and create flyers, etc., so it is a tool that can be widely used for business.

8. Logo Type Maker

It is a logo creation tool that has a logo that can be used for business as it is in the template.

By entering the company name, several types of templates will be previewed, and you can choose a logo from them.

Of course, you can also make fine adjustments such as changing the color, size, and font.

Wrapping up

Even if you are not familiar with designing and PC operation, anyone can easily create an original logo using the logo creation tool introduced here.

If you make a logo, you can use it not only on the home page, but also on social media, brochures, company signs, etc., and make it easier for users to remember.

Please use the logo creation tool to design your own logo.


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