Top 4 SEO Tips That Will Help Your Website to Rank High in 2020


You can have an enticing website loaded with the latest features, offering a remarkable experience to the users. However, until and unless, your potential customers find you on Google and other popular search engines, you actually don’t exist for them. After hearing so, you may like to make your presence in the ever-evolving digital realm.

But the task is not as easy as you assume, especially when Google is changing its algorithms on a regular basis to offer a better experience to the users. Not only do you have to stand above your competitors ruling the search engine rankings but also hold that position. It would be better to opt for an experienced SEO company and let them work to strengthen the digital presence of your website. Till then, take a look at various SEO tips that help you stay above your competition.

  • Mobile indexing is a must

Nowadays, more than 50 percent of the searches come from mobile devices. And it is predicted that it will increase day-by-day. This is why you have to work on to deliver the best experience through mobile. Without having a responsive website, you will lose a good percentage of your target audience. Make sure to optimise your website to provide value via mobile devices. Being rich with high-quality content is a much-have criterion to rank your website higher on Google.

  • Focus on page loading speed

According to Google, the optimisation of your page load speed as one of the key ranking factors. It measures the time explicitly for the first time while it comes to page speed. Moreover, slow speed would mean that the crawler will take longer to crawl the page, and so decrease the count that could negatively affect your indexing.  Moreover, slow page speed will also hamper customer experience.

  • Incorporate videos in content marketing

Content is considered to be the king is SEO. And when it comes to content, SEO experts don’t limit it to the digital content. There is innovation in the content arena that will help SEO professionals or content marketers hone their strategies. Video marketing is one of them. As videos look attractive, it can easily grab the attention of the customers. So, if you still have videos as part of a future strategy, the time has come. With the potential to keep your customers hooked to the page, videos offer a great way to improve the web experience.

  • Embrace voice search

It is expected that by 2020, voice search will account for 50% of total searches. And why not? Artificial Intelligence and chatbot’s rule in the market clearly states the entry of voice search in SEO. Make sure you optimise your content for the voice search. Explore the questions that your customers might have and give the answers accordingly. Make sure that your content is easily readable and can be easily understood by users. And your job is done now.

Besides, rich content snippets and website security also play a crucial role in 2020. When one will use the best SEO techniques, getting the top rank will no more be a dream to him or her. If you are a novice in this field, then hire one of the reputable SEO agencies and see the changes in rankings.

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