When Should You Call The WordPress Experts?

WordPress Experts

So you are a blogger with a running website that works pretty well, you even get some success and the stats of your website are starting to grow steadily. So far, you have been doing everything by yourself successfully, thanks to the flexibility of WordPress and the great, easy-to-install WordPress plugins and themes that you could figure out by yourself so far.

However, you want to take your blog further and you are feeling stuck. You want to make changes to your site, but you don’t have the technical capacities, and you realize that learning all the needed skills would take on your precious writing time.

So, to answer the question, when should you call the WordPress experts?

When You Need An Audit Of Your WordPress Website

Most of the time, the best improvements on your website will be the ones that you didn’t know you needed. As a blogger, it’s hard to be on top of all the specializations involved in the creation of a professional website. SEO, speed optimization, technical issues, security,… there are so many fields to explore that being an expert in all has become almost impossible. For that, getting your website audited may be one of the best solutions. It gives you a quick overview of the problems that your blog encounters and provides you with tons of suggestions to improve it.

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When You Need A Custom Theme

If you are blogging in 2020, there is a high probability that you are using WordPress to power your blog. As a blogger, you surely want to improve your branding and become instantly recognizable by your website visitors. For that purpose, using a WordPress theme used by thousands of other bloggers will not be optimal. Of course, you can customize banners and some other options, but the ultimate way to improve your branding will be to have a custom WordPress theme design. With a custome theme, you will be able to make very specific request on how you want your content to be displayed, and you will get full control over your website’s design.

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When You Need Custom Functionalities

The true power of WordPress resides in its extensibility. With the use of WordPress plugins, you can do pretty much anything you want. There are literally thousands of plugins available in the official repository, many of which free. Whether you want to include an online shop, a booking system, a calendar, or a directory, you will be able to do it easily with the help of plugins.

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However, for things very specific to your business, you will need to create custom WordPress plugins. For example, if you work with an affiliate program that doesn’t offer a WordPress plugin for integration, you can create a custom WordPress plugin that will automatically turn all your link to that website into affiliate ones. Of course, this is just an example, and your creativity (and your budget) will be the only limit when it comes to what you can achieve with your website.

When You Need Professional Advice On Strategic Design Decisions

As it was written several times in this article, you cannot be an expert at everything. Sometimes, consulting with an expert to submit and test your ideas may be the best idea to avoid wasting time on creating something useless. A WordPress expert will know what your challenges are and he or she will be able to put you on the right tracks right away.

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